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Hisense introduced Smart Laser TV with a 120-inch 4K screen, find out what’s special about it

New Delhi. Hisense has introduced its new 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV in India. The company claims that the product is equipped with smart laser technology. This technology was then introduced to the market for the first time. This technology promises better color reproduction. With the help of this, the picture quality of the TV becomes very good.

This is the industry’s first largest ALR screen TV. The TV comes with built-in Alexa support and allows users to connect IoT devices to enjoy a smart home. You can buy it on Amazon India.

hisense smart laser tv price
The Hisense Smart Laser TV 120-inch price in India is Rs 499,999. You can buy it on Amazon India. The TV will be available for sale starting this week. The company is giving 3 years warranty on this TV. Not only this, users will also get 4K Fire TV Stick Max with the purchase of this TV under the introductory offer.

three color laser technology
Hisense claims that this is the world’s first TV in which triple color laser technology has been used. BT.2020 reaches 107% of the color space to achieve new levels of color performance. This is the industry’s first largest ALR screen TV. Its screen is 120 inches.

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alexa voice assistant on tv
The company says that its high dynamic range (HDR) brightness of 3000 lumens shows specular highlights and color depth. On the TV, Hisense has added a 40W Dolby Atmos speaker for a high-quality sound experience. Apart from this, Hisense also provides Alexa voice assistant on the TV, so you can control smart home devices without using your hands.

It will reach the market with mid-range
Hisense is entering the market with its mid-range and premium TV series, but the Laser TV will be a new product for most customers in the country. The new product can become a premium solution for those people. Based on its price, Hisense seems strange to sell it through an online medium.


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