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Heart rate sensor won’t be available on Apple’s new AirPods Pro: Gurman

New Delhi. Apple will soon launch the Apple Watch 8 and the updated AirPods Pro alongside the iPhone 14 series. Various rumors have reported that the AirPods Pro may have a body temperature sensor and a heart rate sensor, and that many features focused on health to AirPods. However, Mark Gurman has denied this.

However, according to Mark Gurman, this year’s AirPods Pro will not feature heart rate or body temperature sensors. Apple is reportedly still considering introducing these two features to the headphones. It may come in the future, but this year users won’t get these features.

AirPods Pro launched in 2019
Let us know that AirPods Pro was introduced in 2019 and no update has been done on them so far. Although Apple is now expected to introduce its improved version this year, it will include features such as better audio quality, noise cancellation, and spatial audio. However, users will now have to wait for the health sensors.

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The body temperature sensor will be available in the Watch 8 series
Gurman has indicated that the body temperature sensor will be included in the Watch Series 8 and will also be part of the Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Rugged Edition. However, this body temperature feature is not expected to come to the new edition of Apple Watch SE. This edition is expected to be released this year.

The sensor will not act as a thermometer
Gurman’s advice on body temperature justifies analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction. Ming had said that Apple is working to fine-tune the upcoming smartwatch’s algorithm for measuring body temperature. Gurman says the watch’s sensor won’t work as a thermometer and the wrist still won’t give an accurate reading. Instead, the sensor will indicate and alert if someone has a fever.

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