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He started this business at 25 lakhs, now he earns more than ₹100 crores in a year

New Delhi. When today’s famous mom endorses a product, it’s imperative that consumers trust the brand. Because the modern mother of today is very aware of the children and the celebrities take care of her sponsorships. In fact, the harmful ingredients used in baby products made American Nancy Kabibi fight against a deadly disease like cancer. This news had given parents sleepless nights who had blindly trusted the products used for their children for years. The lack of a safe and reliable product for her child was a problem for Varun and Ghazal Alagh from Delhi. To fill this gap, the couple launched MamaEarth, Asia’s first Madesafe certified brand offering 100% toxin-free and natural Baby Mamacare products to customers.

First of all, they both researched for product development keeping the focus of Make in India. To make the brand easy to use for ordinary people, it also needed to be manufactured in India. But the founders worked hard on all fronts, from sourcing the ingredients to making the product toxin-free. Also read: You can only keep this amount of gold in the house, know that the rule will be a great advantage

Products launched on the market after rigorous research
The company has its own research laboratory where the products are developed and tested and the tests are carried out by the Madesafe Agency of America, the company has formulated the formulations in accordance with the Madesafe guidelines. In these, 8000 products made without harmful chemicals or not are specially researched. But the research work does not end there.

Shilpa Shetty became many investors of this startup
Now do so carefully that MamaEarth products are safe for children, but delivering such hard-working products to customers becomes a big challenge for small and new brands, so the founders thought of endorsing the brand of celebrities. Although this idea was very expensive. Shilpa Shetty’s name was perfect in every way. While efforts were being made to persuade her to be the brand ambassador, seeing the quality of the product, Shilpa became an investor in this startup. Also Read: Modi Government Gave Big Relief! Even if there is no FASTag, you will be able to make cash payments until January 15

Started the business with a capital of 25 lakhs
Mamaearth, which started with the online-only approach, is now changing its attitude to offline. The brand has reached more than 1 million customers in more than 300 cities online. Varun and Ghazal started the business with a capital of Rs 25 lakhs.

75 lakhs collected from friends and family
A total of Rs 30 crore has been invested in the business so far, raising Rs 75 lakh from friends and family ahead of the launch of the brand and subsequent Series A rounds of Stellaris and Fireside.

100 million revenue
So far, the company has exceeded Rs 100 crore in revenue. Going beyond baby care, the company is now expanding its reach. The company is now launching a range of natural products for the elderly in the product portfolio. Mamaearth aims to create a body care brand for the whole family.

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