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Great trick! You can save mobile data and storage by changing just a small WhatsApp setting

WhatsApp trick: You are always afraid of getting full storage while using the phone. When the storage is full, the speed of the phone also becomes very slow. Many of us think that the storage is filling up fast, because we are not clicking on more photos or downloading movies. Not only this, along with storage, phone data also ends up very fast. If this is your case too, and you are looking for a way to save both data and phone storage, let us tell you that this job can be done through WhatsApp.

Of course, in general, our attention is not directed towards WhatsApp, which even through it, the storage on the phone fills up and the data runs out. WhatsApp usually downloads all the photos and videos it receives and saves them in the phone gallery. It not only consumes your data but also fills up your phone which reduces your phone storage.

So in such situation, we tell you about such setting, by changing which users can save phone storage and can also reduce data consumption.

how to disable automatic download in whatsapp

1- Open WhatsApp and go to Settings by tapping on the three dots at the top right

2- Tap on Storage and data and go to the automatic media download section.

3- Make these changes here:-
-While using mobile data- Uncheck all the boxes
-When connected to WiFi: Uncheck all the boxes.
– When roaming: uncheck all the boxes.
-How to turn off media visibility for all chats.
-Go to Settings -> Chats -> Media Visibility and turn it off.
-How to turn off media visibility for personal chat.
-Open the chat you want to turn off media visibility for and tap on the chat name from the top. Look for media visibility and turn it off.

With this option disabled, automatic downloading of photos and videos to your phone will be stopped and both your phone storage and data will be saved.

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