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Great opportunity to win by opening the contrast center, you can apply from home

New Delhi. The Modi government had given jewelers one year to sell old stock, which has now been extended until June 2021. Previously, jewelers were ordered to sell old stock by January 15, 2021. We tell you that gold punching will be mandatory in the country from June next year. Contrasting will now be mandatory on 14, 18 and 22 karat gold. To this end, the government has so far opened 921 Testing and Punching Centers in 234 districts. At the same time, by June 2021, the Modi government prepared a plan to open contrast centers in all districts of the country.

Punching centers will open in every block in the country

Consumer and Food Minister Ramvilas Paswan says the government will open marking centers on every block in the country in the coming years. With this, jewelers will now have to register with BIS. Along with this, anyone who wants to open a contrast center can apply for it by visiting This can provide employment to thousands of people in the country.

Registration for Hallmark Center-Anyone who wants to open a contrast center will need to apply by visiting Jewelers can also apply online for Recognition and Recognition Renewal from Hallmarking Centers.

With this, all jewelers in the country will also have to register. Jewelers will now have to register with BIS. Through this, the online system for registering and renewing the registration of jewelers began.

Buying gold, customers definitely pay attention to its quality.

Jewelers and purity will be checked at contrast centers.

Recently, Paswan had launched a new module for online registration of jewelers and purity and contrast verification centers. Through this, the online system for registering and renewing the registration of jewelers began. Simultaneously, an online system was also launched for the renewal of the recognition and recognition of the Testing and Punching Centers for gold jewellery. Now jewelers can only register online.

It will be easy to resolve complaints of irregularities quickly

Hallmarking Center With this, it will be possible to monitor the process of application forms in real time. With the online system, it will be easy to resolve reports of irregularities in the punching of jewelry. BIS is also working on a module for automating the marking and testing center workflow, which is expected to be ready by December 20.

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Reviewing the work of BIS, Paswan said the need to increase the number of stamps has been felt. So he approved additional labor at the branches. He expressed his hope that with the launch of these two online systems, jewelers and entrepreneurs can also join the government’s efforts to provide certified quality and purity gold jewelry to consumers.undefined

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