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Google Pixel Watch looks very premium with round face, teaser released at Google I/0 2022

been waiting for a long time pixel clock has finally been presented. Google teased this watch at I/0 2022, and the rest of its information will also be shared at launch soon. The watch has a domed round design, runs Google’s Wear OS smartwatch software, and includes some Fitbit health tracking features. Google didn’t announce the price, but said it would be available as a premium product.

The announcement comes more than a year after Google closed the acquisition of Fitbit in January 2021, while the Fitbit team is working on the development of the Pixel Watch. Google doesn’t plan to merge the two product lines, according to Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of Devices and Services at Google.

The watch only comes with Android support!
Unlike the Pixel Watch, which will be Android-only, Fitbit’s products are also compatible with iPhones. Park said the company has no plans to stop support for iOS users on the Fitbit product.

Popular Google apps like Maps, Wallet, and Google Assistant will be part of the Pixel Watch. The watch will have custom bands and touch crowns similar to those found on the Apple Watch. The company hasn’t announced pricing, availability, feature details, battery life, or other hardware like the processor, health sensor, or display type of the watch.

At its latest I/O developer conference, Google teased a new Pixel tablet coming in 2023, which has Google’s own Tensor chip. In 2018, Google’s latest tablet, the Pixel Slate, was introduced as a Chrome tablet and Chromebook in one.

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