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Google Password Manager receives a big update, it will be easy to manage passwords

San Francisco. Tech giant Google has announced that it will update its password manager so that users can use it easily. Additionally, this update will make password security stronger. Through the new update, users will be able to create a shortcut to Google Password Manager on their Android home screen. The company began rolling out this update on June 30.

After the update, users will be able to add passwords automatically in the Chrome and Android browser. This feature will also work on Android phones with the Chrome browser on the desktop. The new update will give the password manager a similar interface on Chrome and Android. Google says that with this new update, users will get better password protection than before.

One-touch access to passwords
In this regard, Ali Sarraf, Chrome Product Manager, said in a blog post that with this release we are introducing a simplified and unified management experience. If you have more than one password for the same site or app, we’ll automatically group them together, and for your convenience, you can access your password with a single tap on your Android home screen, he said.

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It will help create unique and secure passwords.
The company said that Google Password Manager can create unique and strong passwords on all platforms. Furthermore, it also helps ensure that your passwords are not compromised while browsing the web. Sarraf said, “We’re constantly working on expanding this, so we’re giving you the opportunity to generate passwords for your iOS apps when you set Chrome as one of your autofill providers.

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A weak and reused password will be flagged
Users can now create strong passwords on any operating system on their computer or mobile device. When you enter your passwords on a site, Chrome will automatically verify your passwords. The company said it will now flag not only compromised credentials but also weak and reused passwords on Android.

Users will be able to recover the password
If Google warns users about passwords, they can now seamlessly correct them with the help of the company’s automatic password change feature in Android. To protect as many people as possible, the company is expanding its compromised password warning to all Chrome users on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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