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Good news for Xiaomi users! The phone battery will be changed at just Rs 499! running a special program

Xiaomi Battery Replacement Program: Your battery is the most important thing for the phone. Even if there is no internet or network in the phone, we still do some work, but if there is no battery in the phone, then no work can be done, because in such a situation the phone turns off. Meanwhile, if you are a Xiaomi user and there is a problem with your phone’s battery, then there is good news for you. Yes, Xiaomi has started a new battery replacement program in India.

Under this program, Xiaomi users can check their battery at the Mi Service Center and, if necessary, have it replaced at the lowest cost. This program is valid for Redmi and Xiaomi customers.

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Under this program, users can replace their smartphone battery at a starting price of Rs 499. Customers need to replace their smartphone battery when the battery starts running low very frequently. Customers will need to visit the Mi Service Center to check the battery, and therefore after performing the battery check, it will be known whether the battery needs to be replaced or not.

Smartphones these days come with lithium-ion batteries as they are safe to use and offer good performance. Although the problem of battery drain on the phone is common.

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How to know if the battery needs to be changed
If after a full charge, the smartphone battery degrades to 80-90% in a matter of minutes, users should understand that the battery is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. Giving an important fact, the company said that it is worth noting that the price of battery replacement is not the same for all devices and may vary according to different models.

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