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Forget the stress of going to work! Do disinfection business in corona virus lockdown you will earn in lakhs

New Delhi. Due to the Corona virus, many businesses in the country have come to the brink of closure. But after this lockdown, some new business opportunities will also be created. Yes, today we are giving you information about such a new business. After the corona virus lockdown, people will have to disinfect their buildings, vehicles and many more places. Now the confinement has also been relaxed a bit. Therefore, there are high chances of running this business as soon as you start it.

Sanitization of roads, railway stations, trains, trains, auto rickshaws, houses is currently being carried out. Whenever there is a slight risk of infection. Sanitization is done immediately. Sanitizing work has become the norm in offices.

how much will the income beIf you start this business, you can earn good money in less time. It takes 15-20 minutes to disinfect a two-wheeler. In this, you will get up to 20-30 rupees comfortably. You can get more than this.

It will take 20-25 minutes to disinfect a four-wheeler. In this you can get 500 rupees or more. If you disinfect even 10 vehicles in a day, you can get 5,000 rupees. In such a situation, your monthly income can be close to Rs 1.5 lakh.

How to start a sanitation business in India-Nowadays, many automatic machines are available in the market. With which it is very easy to sanitize vehicles. You can choose the machines according to your budget.

It is very important to sanitize all the vehicles that are hitting the roads right now. Here you have to keep in mind one thing: whatever work you do, it will have to be done under government guidelines.

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