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FCI Assistant Grade 3 Syllabus – Paper 2

Paper 2 determines the overall intelligence and conceptual knowledge of the candidate. The syllabus topics for each post in FCI Assistant Grade 3 are mentioned below.

FCI Syllabus 2023 & Exam Pattern for Assistant Grade 3 Posts_50.1

FCI Assistant Grade 3 Syllabus Phase II- Subject-wise & Post-wise

FCI Assistant Grade 3 Syllabus for Specified Technical Posts of Paper-2 to assess the post-specific technical knowledge of the relevant stream is as follows:

The detailed syllabus of the specified technical posts for Paper-II to assess the post specific technical knowledge of the relevant stream is as follows:
1. Junior Engineer (Civil Engineering) (Post Code A):
Construction material: Physical and chemical properties Building stone, cement (Portland), asbestos products, wood and wood-based products, laminates, bituminous materials, paints, varnishes, etc.

Survey: Principles of surveying, plane table surveying, theodolite, leveling and contouring, camber, permanent adjustment of dumpy level, methods of contouring, tachometric surveying etc.

soil Mechanics: Void ratio, porosity, saturation, water content, specific gravity and unit weight of soil particles, grain size, Atterberg’s limits, classification of soil, plasticity chart, permeability, consolidation of soil. Lab Test, Moisture Content, Bearing Capacity of Soil, Plate Load Test, Standard Penetration Test etc.

Estimation, Costing and Valuation: Estimation, Analysis of Rates, Earthwork, Brick, RCC work, Shuttering, Painting, Flooring, Plastering on flexible pavement, Tubewell, Isolates and joint footings, Steel
Truss, Piles etc.

transportation Engineering: Types of Pavement, Pavement Materials – Aggregates and Bitumen, Design of Flexible and Rigid Pavements, Bituminous Construction, Rigid Pavement Joints, Pavement Maintenance, Railway Engineering. Environmental Engineering: Water quality, purification, distribution, sanitation, sewerage and sewage treatment.
structural Engineering: Theory of structures, bending moment and shear force diagrams, retaining walls, eccentric loads, slope deflection, critical loads and columns, torsion etc.
Concrete Technology: Latest techniques and uses of concrete, water cement ratio, workability, mix design, placement, compaction, finishing and curing of concrete, quality control of concrete, repair and maintenance of concrete structure etc.
RCC Design: RCC Flexural Strength, Shear Strength, Bond Strength, Design of Single Reinforced Beam, Retaining Wall, Water Tank (RCC design questions can be based on both Limit State Method and Working Stress Method).
Steel Design: Steel design and fabrication of steel columns, beams, roof trusses, plate girders.
Construction Management: Construction Scheduling Bar Chart, CPM & PERT etc.
2. Junior Engineer (Electrical Mechanical Engineering) (Post Code B):
Basic concepts, Current, Voltage, Power, Energy and their units, Circuit Laws, Concepts of AC
Fundamentals, Measurement and Measuring Instruments, Electrical Machines, Synchronous Machines, Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity in Various Power Stations, Estimation and Costing, Use of Electrical Energy, Basic Electronics, Principles of Machines and Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics and Materials Power of , Thermal Engineering, Air standard cycle for IC engines, Rankine cycle of steam, Air compressors and their cycles, Boiler refrigeration cycle, Production Engineering.
3. Assistant Grade-III (Accounts) (Post Code G):
1. Basic Accounting Concepts including preparation of Books of Accounts.
2. Taxation including Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax.
3. Auditing:- (a) Auditing Concepts and Methods, (b) Internal and External Audit of Companies.
4. Commercial Law:- (Basic Knowledge) (a) Basics of Contract Act, (b) Basics of Companies Act, (c) Basics of Sale of Goods Act, (d) Negotiable Instruments Act
5. Basic of Computer: (a) Operating System, (b) Browser, (c) Email, (d) Memory (Internal, External,
Portable), (e) Chat, (f) Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), (g) Network
4. Assistant Grade-III (Technical) (Post Code H)
Agriculture:- Status of Indian Agriculture (Cereals and Pulses), Elementary Entomology, Plant Protection, Agricultural Economics.
Botany:- Cell Biology: Tissues, Organs and Organ Systems, Genetics, Classification of Plants, Diversity, Ecology, Life Processes: Photosynthesis, Respiration, Circulation, Movement etc., Basics of Biochemistry.
Zoology:- Animal cells and tissues, organ systems, heredity and diversity, animal classification, micro-organisms, insects and rodents.
chemistry:- Chemical Bonding, Organic Chemistry: Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Basics of Alcohols, Aldehydes and Acids, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry in Daily Life.
Physics:- Measurement, Basic Physics, Light, Electricity.

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