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Facebook will let you create five profiles on one account, work continues on a new feature

Facebook is bringing a new feature for its users.
Through this feature, Facebook users will be able to create five profiles in one account.
Facebook is currently testing this feature.
New Delhi. Meta-owned social media platform Facebook has started testing support for multiple profiles for its users. After the introduction of this function, you will be able to create different profiles. The company has said that users will be able to create up to five different profiles on a Facebook account.

According to a statement given to the TechCrunch website, this feature will allow users to create different profiles for different groups, people, and other specific purposes. For example, users will be able to create different profiles on the platform for their friends and businesses, colleagues and family. These profiles will be linked to the users original account.

The feature is currently in testing
The feature is currently in testing and is being tested with select Facebook users. The company says that all profiles will be within the scope of users’ Facebook account and users will be able to switch between these profiles easily. In this regard, Facebook spokesman Leonard Lam told TechCrunch in an email that people will be able to create profiles based on interests and relationships. Tests are currently underway to link multiple profiles to the same Facebook account.

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No identification required in sub-profiles
The report also mentioned that users are not required to use their real name as their profile name. They will be allowed to choose the name and username of their choice. However, the profile name must not be unique and must not contain any special characters. However, Facebook has clarified that the original profile, which will be part of another profile, must be called Riya.

you have to follow the rules
Facebook further said that users will have to follow the rules and all profiles will also be part of Facebook’s policy. The company has mentioned that users cannot reveal the identity of other people in their sub-profiles. Users who violate the rules or policy on any sub-profile will have action taken on their main Facebook account.

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