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EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023 : EPFO ​​SSA Phase 1 Exam Shift 1 is Held on 18 August 2023. The exam has been conducted for 2859 SSA posts and lakhs of candidates have appeared for the exam. Keeping an eye on the exam, our team of experts has prepared the EPFO ​​SSA Exam Analysis 2023 for the exam held on 18th August 2023 in Shift 1. Check here the number of good attempts, difficulty level and section-wise analysis.

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023, 18 August 2023, Shift 1

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023 18th August 2023 : EPFO ​​SSA Exam is scheduled to be held on 18th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd August 2023 in multiple shifts. EPFO SSA Exam has been conducted on 18th August 2023 and here, we will cover the analysis of all shifts of EPFO ​​SSA Phase 1 Exam. Read below for more details.

PFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023, 18 August 2023: Difficulty Level

Our team of experts contacted the persons who appeared for the EPFO ​​SSA Phase 1 Exam on 18th August 2023. Based on their response, the questions presented in the test were rated of moderate difficulty level. For detailed information about the difficulty level of each section in Shift 1 as well as overall assessment, please refer to the table below.

Stream difficulty level
general aptitude Easy
General Knowledge / General Awareness medium
Quantitative Aptitude easy-moderate
general English Easy
computer literacy medium
overall medium

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023, 18 August 2023: Section-wise

EPFO SSA Phase 1 Exam 2023 comprises of sections like General Aptitude, General Knowledge/ General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, General English and Computer Literacy. Apart from understanding the difficulty level and making good attempts, prospective candidates must also be familiar with the comprehensive analysis of EPFO ​​SSA Phase 1 section-wise performance for Shift 1 on 18th August as mentioned in the following sections.

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023: Quantitative Aptitude

The difficulty level of questions asked in the Quantitative Aptitude section of EPFO ​​SSA Phase 1 Exam held on August 18, 2023 can be described between: easy and moderate, Here are some examples of questions included:

  1. Profit & Loss (Maximum Questions)
  2. Working time
  3. pipe and tank
  4. Simplification – 2 Qs
  5. Ratio and Proportion – 2 Qs
  6. Mixture and Allegation – 1 Q.
  7. wrong number series
  8. Era
  9. Tabulated DI

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023: General Aptitude

  1. Day based puzzle-5 day-7 person+variable
  2. diagram
  3. number series
  4. tactic
  5. statement and conclusion
  6. dice
  7. cause and reason
  8. Blood relation – 1 question
  9. direction-1 question
  10. mirror image
  11. embedded data
  12. coding decoding
  13. triangle (counting figure)
  14. coding analogy
  15. Non-Verbal Series-3-4 Qs

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023: General Knowledge/Awareness

The General Knowledge/General Awareness section of the exam mainly consisted of questions related to static topics including statement-based questions, while fewer questions were related to current affairs. The examiners considered the difficulty level of these questions to be moderate.

  1. Statement Based Questions – Battle of Panipat
  2. Appointment
  3. father of geography
  4. Blue Moon, Super Moon
  5. Polity-2 Questions (Finance Commission)
  6. Brass is a combination of?
  7. non metallic properties
  8. first woman prime minister
  9. G20 Presidency of India-time period
  10. Science – 1-2 Qs
  11. America’s Independence Day
  12. Who won the FIFA Hockey Cup?
  13. manipur dress trend
  14. population
  15. Questions related to NITI Aayog

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023: General English

  1. Reading Comprehension – 10 Qs (Printing Press)
  2. direct/indirect speech
  3. para jumble
  4. Cloze Test – 5 Questions
  5. synonyms antonyms
  6. statement and passage
  7. Interrogative sentence
  8. Error Detection – 3 Qs
  9. Active and Passive – 4-5 questions

EPFO SSA Exam Pattern 2023

Check here the EPFO ​​SSA Phase 1 Exam Pattern which is given below.

test name number of questions Maximum. Mark Duration
general aptitude 30 120 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes)
General Knowledge / General Awareness 30 120
quantitative ability 30 120
general English 50 200
computer literacy 10 40
Total 150 600

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023: Video Analysis

EPFO SSA Exam Analysis 2023, 18 August 2023 Exam Review_40.1

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