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Dairy farming has made this farmer rich, every month there is a net profit of ₹3 lakh

New Delhi.In today’s modern era, if the animal husbandry business is done with passion and understanding, then it can earn more income than farming. The experience of Ratan Lal Yadav, a resident of Loharwada village in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan, tells a similar story. In a special conversation with the News18 Annadata team, he recounted that a few years ago he started the dairy business with 5 animals. At the same time, they now have 80 animals. Of which 35 animals are milk producers, 16 animals are non-dairy animals and 29 are small children of animals. 416 liters of milk per day are obtained from 35 dairy animals. To whom they sell in Jaipur. There, the average price of milk in the market is 60 rupees per litre. In this way, his total income per day is Rs 24,960, while the total expenditure per day is Rs 14,900. In this regard, he earns a net profit of Rs 3,01,800 per month.

How to earn thousand rupees selling milk

Ratan Lal Yadav says that he has managed the animals well to make a good profit. Dairy animals are kept in a separate enclosure and non-dairy animals are kept in a separate enclosure. To protect the animals from winter, they have put jute bags on the windows of the house. In this way, depending on the season, they maintain adequate accommodation for the animals.

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He says that he feeds the animals in a balanced amount according to their production. Apart from this, along with the green and dry fodder in the diet of dairy animals, 50 grams of mineral salts and 30 grams of salt are given daily.

To save the animals from the cold, he increases the amount of brown sugar and mustard oil in their diet and occasionally gives them fresh, clean water to drink. In order to protect animals from diseases, vaccinations are carried out from time to time according to the advice of the veterinarian. So that the animals stay healthy and get a good milk production from them.

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