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Cucumber farming has made this farmer rich, earn Rs 7.20 lakh in a few months!

New Delhi. Everyone thinks how to start a business and earn lakhs with a small amount by starting a business. But only a select few are able to fulfill this dream. Today we are telling you about one such farmer who is earning thousands of rupees through profit from cucumber farming. News18 The Annadata team arrived in Manchuri village in the Karnal district of Haryana to meet a farmer. There he met progressive farmer Surjit Singh. That they are growing cucumber and pepper in Shednet House with modern technology. He said there are many benefits to farming at Shednet House. In which, you can grow vegetables out of season. At the same time, there are fewer outbreaks of insect diseases and high-quality yields can be obtained from such a crop in less area.

Surjit Singh, who won lakhs- In an exclusive conversation with News18, Surjeet says that he produced 300 quintals of cucumber in a year. They got an average price of Rs 24 per kg in the market. Thus, his total income was Rs 7 lakh 20 thousand. While his expenditure on cultivating this came to around 2.5 lakh rupees. In this regard, he made a net profit of Rs 4.70 lakh.

Surjeet says that in view of the many advantages, he started net home farming on 2 acres in the year 2013. At the same time, they are now doing net home farming on 10 acres.

Transplanted cucumber on September 25, 2019 at Shednet House. In which row to row 30 cm and plant to plant distance 45 cm. At the same time, to save water and the proper use of nutrients, they have adopted the drip system.

The use of balanced nutrients is very important to obtain a good crop yield. Therefore, in Surjit Singh I grow 19:19:19 fertilizer 3 kg, 12:61:00 fertilizer 3 kg, 13:00:45 fertilizer 2 kg, calcium nitrate 4 kg, magnesium sulfate 3 kg, 00:00 :50 fertilizer 3 kg, once a week.

Irrigate the crop two or three times a week. Now their crops are being harvested. Cucumbers are picked by workers early in the morning. After harvest, the cucumbers are taken to the packinghouse and graded there. After this, the cucumbers are packed in bags and sent to the market.

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