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Cheap Diwali Decoration Items Are Being Made In These 4 States, Shop Like This Sitting At Home

New Delhi. The situation with China has remained tense since May. Business on both sides has come to a complete halt. Corona has done the right thing. Diwali, the festival that animates homes, is also nearby. Preparations for the decoration of the houses have also begun. But the good thing is that this time the house will be decorated with household goods from the Indian market, not Chinese products. These items are being manufactured in 4 states of the country. The preparation has started since 2 months. You will be surprised by the price of the item and its beauty.

40 percent of Chinese products will be supplied in this way. Praveen Khandelwal, National Secretary General of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), the country’s main trader organization, says that we had already understood that this time the situation regarding Chinese goods during Diwali will not be the same as before. before. That is why an organization called Indian Market had started preparing to respond to China.

In Maharashtra, Bihar, UP and Jharkhand, especially women’s groups were making products for Diwali. 40 percent of the demand on Diwali is expected to be met in these 4 states. The supply of goods has also started. Indian families living abroad are also importing Diwali products from India itself.

Products from the Indian market are giving so much competition to Chinese products.Praveen Khandelwal explains that there is a cash box of 150 rupees in the products that the Indian market has prepared. It is worn during the worship of Lakshmiji on Diwali. By the way, there are dozens of Bandhanwar and Toran designs to decorate the house.

But what is special is that the 3 foot wide and 4 foot long bondage costs only 800 rupees. A 36-inch pylon costs Rs 340. Fees are lower and higher depending on the design and quality. In the case of designer diyas, they do not have a number. With this, a set of 4 decorative diyas costs 45 rupees. 4 Rose Design Diyas costing Rs.60. Apart from this, there are lamps that float on the water. Delivered with Puppet. There is also a game of roli-rice.

If you want to buy these things, you need to contact the mobile number 8800449679.undefined

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