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Cardamom gets cheaper, there is a sudden 70 percent drop in prices, find out why: What is the price of cardamom today? What is the price of Elaichi 1 kg? What is the cost of Elaichi in India?

New Delhi. The Corona-Lockdown effect was visible on the market later, but cardamom prices had started to rise even before that. The price of cardamom, which started rising in January 2020, reached 7 lakhs per kg until it was unlocked. Due to the rate increase, Saudi Arabia, the largest customer of Indian cardamom, also reduced the purchase of cardamom. Itinerant tea and paan vendors also stopped using cardamom. But now, once again, cardamom has dropped to its previous rate.

Now cardamom is sold at 2 or 3 thousand rupees per kg.

According to Khari Baoli wholesalers, good quality cardamom had reached a price of Rs 7,000 per kg. The rate hike also had an impact on exports. The demand for cardamom in the Indian market also decreased. Although there was cardamom worth Rs 5000/kg on the market, the demand was not for cheap or good quality cardamom. But with the arrival of the products, now cardamom prices have started to fall. Cardamom prices started to fall a few days before Diwali. Today, cardamom is sold in the market for 2 to 3 thousand rupees per kg.

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Somewhere there was a drought and somewhere cardamom was expensive because of the floods.

According to experts, in 2019-20, due to lack of rain, there was drought in many southern states and excessive rainfall in some places. Which had a direct impact on the cultivation of cardamom. Due to which the export demand was also not met and the local market was also unable to obtain cardamom and the tariffs continued to increase. Before the ups and downs of the rain, between 30 and 40 tons of cardamom daily reached the market. But the weather has weakened this discourse.undefined

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