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Byju never did business but made 75 billion rupees out of two lakh rupees this way – GKTodayCurrentAffairs.Com

New Delhi. We know the stories of Tata, Ambani, Birla, but leaving behind the fascination of multinational company jobs, the idea of ​​teaching online alone brought the company valuation from two lakh rupees to around Rs 90 thousand crore. This is the story of India’s second largest online learning app, Byju’s, and its founder, Byju Raveendran. In a conversation with News18, he told how he achieved such great success with the idea of ​​bringing education to the online platform. Not only this, when all schools, trainings and universities are closed during the Corona period, how does the Byjus app teach students…
Learn the story of Byju’s in their own words from Ravindran…

“My friends were preparing for competitive exams. They wanted to study with me, so I guided them. They liked my approach and cracked the exams. We tried the same idea in a workshop of 100 students at their urging. Later, I also did a session for 20,000 students in the stadium. During this time I discovered that there was a big difference in the way students learn. They were digging just because of the fear of exams. So we came up with the idea that technology should be used. To instilling a love of learning through use.Keeping this in mind, we formed Think and Learn Pvt Ltd in 2011. We then launched Byju app in August 2015. Today we have 40 million subscribers out of which 28 lakhs Paid Subscriber.
Now let me tell you about my team. My students helped me expand my classes when we were in the early stages. These students later formed the core team of the company and this team now runs all the important functions of the company from content development, sales and marketing., Byju team has only one addiction, which is to inculcate the habit of learning addictions in our students. This passion can be seen from top to bottom in the company.

I am an engineer by profession, an entrepreneur by chance and a teacher by choice. I had never planned to start my work as a business. I simply pursued my passion and invested my strength to pursue it. Later it became a business. No business can be run by the passion to make money, rather the passion to change society is much more important. I believe that The real fun here is not in building a billion dollar company, but in creating a billion thinkers and learners.

By the way, I want to tell you that I did not do any business. That’s why my team and I learn by working. We learned the art from the business model to its expansion and fundraising. Anyway, we do the job of teaching, then we do entrepreneurship after learning ourselves.
These days I don’t have as much time to teach as I used to, but I’m glad so many of my students are doing a better job than I am today. We have teachers who are better than me today. Teaching is one of the most creative and powerful things. Teachers have a lifelong impact on children, from helping them shape their minds to providing a launching pad for their ideas and imaginations.
I want to tell my young colleagues that when you do what is your favorite and exciting job, you are motivated. You must have the ability to think big, have high aspirations, plan and execute fast. If you’re passionate about your idea, work hard from the start.”

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