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Big hit for Oppo and OnePlus! Phones from both companies were banned in Germany

New Delhi. Oppo has suffered a major legal setback in Germany. According to a report by, the Mannheim Regional Court ruled in favor of Nokia in its recent patent dispute with Oppo. The court has given this decision in two lawsuits filed by Nokia against Oppo and OnePlus. This case is related to the patent infringement case. At the moment, both Oppo and OnePlus will not be able to sell their devices in Germany.

In 2021, Finland-based smartphone brand Nokia filed a patent infringement case against Oppo. Nokia sued the Chinese smartphone giant in four different countries in 2021. This is Nokia’s first victory in a patent dispute against Oppo.

Are Oppo and OnePlus phones permanently banned in Germany?
Nokia has achieved its first victory in a patent dispute against Oppo. Currently, Oppo and its associated brand OnePlus will no longer be able to sell mobiles in Germany, infringing on Nokia’s European patent EP 17 04 731. However, no permanent ban has been placed on the brand.

What’s happening?
The patent supposedly protects the technology to scan WiFi connections. In fact, in July 2021, Nokia filed several patent infringement lawsuits against Oppo in various countries in Asia and Europe, including India, UK, France, and Germany. The lawsuit accuses Oppo of using proprietary Nokia technology in its devices without a valid license.

The deal was made in 2018.
According to a CNBC report, the lawsuit claims that Oppo is using unlicensed, non-SEP security features such as Nokia’s Standard Essential Patents (SEP) and UI/UX. The lawsuit was filed after the previous patent license agreement between the two companies was not renewed. Let us tell you that Oppo and Nokia had reached an agreement in November 2018 that expired in June 2021.

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nokia statement
Nokia says that Oppo rejected its fair and reasonable offer. We are in talks with Oppo for our patent license agreement, but unfortunately they have rejected our offers. After this, we were left with the last resort to file the case. We have offered free and neutral talks to settle the matter amicably.

op’s answer
On the other hand, Oppo called the lawsuit “shocking” and has filed lawsuits against Nokia. In response to the company, Oppo said that Oppo respects its intellectual property rights and those of third parties, protects them and is committed to supporting the licensing of patents for the business.

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Nokia has also brought cases against other companies.
Let us tell you that Oppo is not the only company that Nokia has sued, moreover, Nokia filed a lawsuit against several companies including Apple and Lenovo. In May 2017, Apple paid Nokia $2 billion to settle the paid patent lawsuit. Nokia accused Apple of infringing on some of Nokia’s patents, as well as patents held by NSN and Alcatel-Lucent, companies owned by Nokia.

However, the two companies quickly resolved their dispute and now collaborate on various technologies. Not only this, Nokia also filed patent infringement lawsuits against Lenovo in the US, Brazil, India, and Germany. The case dragged on for almost a year and was finally resolved by both companies in April 2022.

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