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Apple Brings New Security Tool, End the Strain of Laptop-Phone Data Theft

New Delhi. Apple has unveiled a security tool for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices designed to prevent cyberattacks targeting high-profile users like activists, journalists, and government officials. This tool will provide protection against spyware like Pegasus. This feature has been called Blocking Mode.

Apple said in a statement on Wednesday that this tool will provide protection against cyber attacks. This tool greatly reduces the number of attacks for an attacker to hack users’ devices through physical and digital means. Apple said the feature is intended to try to counter spyware attacks sold by the NSO Group and other companies specifically to state-sponsored groups.

Pegasus designed to harm Apple users
Over the years, state sponsoring organizations have hacked into the phones of high-profile users by gaining access to the data on their iPhones. According to a report by Bloomberg, several US State Department employees were hacked and notified by Apple last year. In November, Apple sued NSO Group, alleging that the Israel-based company developed tools like Pegasus spyware to harm Apple users.

iPhone users targeted in 150 countries
Apple said that very few of its users have been targeted in such attacks in 150 countries. The iPhone maker recently introduced a feature that notifies users that they are being targeted by state-sponsored cyberattacks.

Link preview will be disabled
Blocking mode will affect the Messages app, FaceTime, Apple online services, configuration profile, Safari web browser, and wired connections. This tool will block Messages app images and other attachments and also disable link preview. Most of the hackers access the device through images and attachments. In FaceTime, users will not be able to receive calls from anyone they haven’t called before in the last 30 days.

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how to use lock mode
According to a screenshot of the feature shared by Apple, Lockdown Mode can be turned on using the toggle at the bottom of the Privacy menu within the Settings app on Apple devices. During setup, users will be warned that enabling the tool will mean that the device will not function normally and applications, websites and services will be limited and some features will not be fully available.

When will you get lockdown mode?
Apple plans to roll out lockdown mode in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura operating system updates in the coming months. The company hasn’t yet said when versions of the feature might arrive for Apple Watch on other Apple operating systems, including watchOS. Apple has said that other online services will also switch to lockdown mode. These include features like CarPlay, which in some cases require a wired connection. This tool will not work unless a user enters their access code.

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Reward for the one who finds a way to bypass
Apple also said it would reward researchers with a $2 million reward if they found ways to bypass Lockdown Mode and help improve its security. The company will also award a $10 million grant to the Dignity and Justice Fund, created by the Ford Foundation to support the investigation and prevention of highly targeted cyberattacks.

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