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Amazon Prime Video app will add Shuffle button for TV shows know how it will work aaaq – News18

Amazon Prime Video has added Shuffle button for users which allows to play episodes in random order. Although this feature is not fully functional yet, it will come in very handy for those who find it hard to decide which episode of their favorite TV show to watch. Currently in India too, the Shuffle button feature has been provided on Amazon Prime Video for Android users as well. Other than this, Amazon iOS users have not received any updates to this feature so far. It is also heard that Amazon’s Fire tablet will receive an update to this feature.

You’ll easily find the option to shuffle episodes between the watchlist and share button under the play button of any show on Amazon Prime Video. By using the shuffle button, the streaming platform will shuffle an episode of the series. But you won’t get the shuffle button option while watching a movie.

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When we tried this button, even after selecting the first season of the office TV show, we played an episode from the third season. Previously, Netflix had also carried out a similar test, mainly for the Smart TV app. Citing Netflix’s Q4 variety setup, the streaming giant will roll out this shuffle feature to all of its customers in mid-2021.

Today, OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Hotstar are facing the central government for new rules related to content regulation.

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The Supreme Court expressed its dissatisfaction with the new rules framed by the government for the regulation of content on OTT streaming platforms and said that the rules lack guidelines. The two-judge chamber of the high court has confirmed that there is no provision for any fine in the new rules framed in the IT Act for breach of the guidelines.undefined

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