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Amazon is giving voice imitation training to Alexa, it will copy the voice of the dead

Ethan New Delhi. Amazon Inc. is developing a voice imitation feature for its virtual assistant Alexa, which mimics the speech of people living and dead. This feature will be beneficial for those companies that prepare digital memories of people after death. Alexa Principal Scientist Rohit Prasad presented a video clip of the new feature at Amazon’s re:MARS 2022 conference on artificial intelligence on Wednesday. The clip showed a boy asking Alexa to read ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in his grandmother’s voice. After this, Alexa changed her default voice to soft voice.

Prasad said that Alexa can mimic voices in less than a minute of recorded voice audio. She said artificial intelligence may not reduce the pain of losing loved ones, but it can certainly preserve memories. However, an Amazon spokesperson did not provide information on when this feature will start for users.

Trying to incorporate text-to-speech technology
He said the new voice imitation is a feature the company is trying to explore in text-to-speech technology. He said he is trying to make the company a high-quality voice product with less data than relying on hours of recording in a professional studio.

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a question about morality may arise
Many startups are working on using artificial intelligence to create versions of people after they die. An app learns to replicate a person like a chatbot. The AI ​​then records people’s stories and uses them to create replicas embedded in the smart speaker. Using artificial intelligence to imitate the voice of someone who is already dead can raise ethical issues.

Emphasis on inclusion on most devices
Amazon has been working on setting timers and playing music to improve Alexa’s capabilities for years. In 2020, Alexa started asking questions about lawsuits that Alexa couldn’t understand. The e-commerce giant is pushing to include Alexa on more devices. Last year it introduced Fire TVs with Alexa. Apart from this, the company has also included Alexa in its new Astro home robot.

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Artificial intelligence will become part of daily life
Prasad, who is leading efforts to expand Alexa’s capabilities, said he believes artificial intelligence will soon become a part of everyday life. We are indisputably living in the Golden Age of AI, where our dreams and science fiction are becoming reality, she said.


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