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…25 years ago on this day for the first time in the country the mobile phone rang! these two talked

New Delhi. Nowadays, life cannot be imagined without a mobile phone. But 25 years ago, people used to get their work done without mobile phones. If we talk about today, mobile telephony has become the second largest telecommunications market in the world. Let us tell you that on July 31 the foundations of the mobile revolution in India were laid. On July 31, 1995, the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Jyoti Basu, made the first mobile call to the then Minister of Union Telecom, Sukh Ram.

Let us know some interesting things related to mobile calls for the first time in India.

Mobile service in India started 25 years ago, on July 31, 1995. On that day, for the first time in India, a call was made from a mobile. What took the form of a revolution in the country. At that time, in addition to outgoing calls, they also paid for incoming calls.

The first thing that happened from Kolkata to Delhi was- Jyoti Basu made this call from the Kolkata Writers Building at Sanchar Bhawan in New Delhi. The first mobile phone operator in India was Modi Telstra and its service was known as mobile network.

The first mobile call was made on this network. Modi Telstra was a joint venture between India’s Modi Group and Australia’s Telstra telecommunications company. This company was one of the 8 companies that obtained a license to provide cellular service in the country.

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Telecommunications in India has come a long way since 1995. The number of mobile subscribers is believed to have reached 5 million 5 years after the launch of mobile service. The total number of phone connections in the country passed the one billion mark at the end of May 2015. But after that, this number multiplied rapidly.

Incoming calls are also used to collect money
Mobile service in India was slow to reach more people and the reason for this was expensive calling charges. At the time of the introduction of mobile networks, in addition to outgoing calls, incoming calls also had to be paid for. Initially, there was a charge of up to Rs 16 per minute for an outgoing call.undefined

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