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2 friends quit their jobs and started a camel milk business, now they earn ₹4.5 crore a year

New Delhi. Aadvika means unique. Same product with name. For the first time in India, Ayah is a start-up making camel milk-based products called Aadvik Foods. Started in 2016, this startup has not only given people employment but also helped maintain the camel population in the desert. People in many areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat know about the benefits of camel milk, but Aadvik Food gave it a huge market. After spending years at different jobs, Hitesh Rathi and Shrey Kumar thought of doing something different. Aadvik Foods’ journey began with camel milk processing. However, like any new startup, its start was not easy.

Farmers benefit
Today, this startup is working closely with about 150 farmers. The economic condition of 150 farmers Advik is working with has improved and they are now working to increase their camels. Aadvik Foods has reached more than 2 lakh customers so far.

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Camel milk is used for many purposes.
There are many benefits of camel milk. This lactose intolerant, rich in calcium and vitamin C, is very useful for diabetics, people with autism and is beneficial for the development of the body. Not just milk, but also chocolates, milk powders, even camel milk soaps, moisturizers, face washes, face scrubs, day creams, and body butters.

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Annual turnover Rs 4.5 crore
Advik Food was started with a capital of less than Rs 10 lakhs and is still getting started. Although this startup has been profitable from day one. In view of this, this startup has not been thinking about financing for some time. Today, Aadvik Foods’ annual turnover is around Rs 4.5 crore.

growing network
Today Aadvik Foods products are available on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Bigbasket. Many large cities have distribution networks. Until now, Aadvik Foods has also exported its products to the United States, Malaysia and the Philippines. Now Aadvik Food’s goal is to increase its network and increase products. Recently, Advik has also launched a goat milk product.

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