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10 lakh entrepreneurs across the country doing business with WhatsApp and other social media sites

New Delhi. To connect directly with customers, entrepreneurs have now found another way besides e-commerce sites. Entrepreneurs now sell their products to customers directly through WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media sites. The shopkeeper also accepts online orders by adding the customer on WhatsApp. The number of these businessmen doing business in Delhi-NCR is about 50 thousand. At the same time, 10 lakh entrepreneurs are running their business in this way across the country. This survey has been conducted by Shiprocket.

This has been revealed by the CAT survey

National Chairman of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), the country’s largest trader body, BC Bhartia and National Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said that Shiprocket conducted a survey from September 1 to 30 among 40,816 traders in different country states. was The survey revealed that a new market is rapidly developing in the country through social networks. According to the survey, around 17.96 percent of new marketers use social media to do business. While 35.19 percent of entrepreneurs who are already doing business are using the online website. On the other hand, only 12.04 percent of new merchants are doing business through the offline market.

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These products are sold on social sites during Diwali

According to CAIT’s Praveen Khandelwal, in this festive atmosphere of Diwali, personal maintenance (18.45 percent) of goods, food and groceries (16.51), clothes (15.09), electronics (11.37), health (7.60), household items and cleaning. Goods (4.59) and jewelry (3.83%) were sold on social sites. From this it follows that little by little, small merchants are spreading their business through social networks, which is a good sign for the country.undefined

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